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When should I use or turn off my humidifier?



If your home has a humidifier,  then it also has a humidistat. You will find both in your mechanical closet. There are several perks to having a humidifier, including minimizing dryness in your home during the winter months and the resulting personal comfort. Also, a humidifier works as preventative maintenance for drywall and structural building components. It creates a little moisture in the home and helps reduce shrinkage due to dry air. Using a humidifier protects your family, home, and overall investment. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind. First, keep the humidifier set to about 40%. This is simple to do. Just turn the dial and monitor the gauge on the control. The gauge indicates what percentage humidity level your home is actually at. You may have to tweak the humidifier slightly in order to get the desired 40% humidity level. 

Don't run the humidifier during the summer months. That's the time to turn it off and change the filter. Once we get to a point in the year when the outside relative humidity has reached the same level as the home or higher, do not use the humidifier. At that point in time, turn the dial to Off and start using your dehumidifier to pull some humidity out of the air—especially in single family home basements.

Change the humidifier filter once a year.  Remove the old filter and replace it with a new one, sliding it into the appropriate slot. Put the top back in place. Reset the snaps. Models may vary slightly. Be very careful with the cover, as there is an internal fan and motor. If you don't change the filter once a year, a warning light comes on. Should your humidifier need service, contact Van Metre if under warranty or a professional if not. Once the humid summer months are over and your filter is changed, you can turn your humidifier back on.