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When should I use or turn off my dehumidifer?



Most likely, you have a dehumidifier located in the mechanical room of your Van Metre home. If not, you can always purchase one at your local hardware store along with a garden hose that will connect to your sump pump. Don't be fooled by this small, simple-looking piece of equipment. A dehumidifier is valuable to your home because it keeps your home's structure intact, protects your foundation and keeps you and your family healthy. Sometimes, basements are damp due to moisture coming through the foundation. Dehumidifiers are used during the summer months when the humidity is at its highest, in order to remove excess moisture from the house and keep relative humidity levels at desired levels. When running, the filter draws in the air and extracts the moisture.

Before turning it on for the season, clean the filter.  Usually, it can be rinsed off. Either use something wet or dust it off, whichever works best.  Then double check to verify the hose between the dehumidifier and the sump pump is securely connected.  Power the dehumidifier on and select the humidity level—ideally keeping the setting around 40%. It's going to be hard to maintain that percentage during the summer months but set at the 40 mark the dehumidifier will do its best to maintain that level of humidity throughout your home. Keep the hose hooked up so the moisture drains directly to your sump pump. At the end of the season clean the filter again and unplug it. You do not need to operate the dehumidifier during colder months.