What's included in my warranty?

Understanding your warranty information is vital for informed homeownership. In this article, we outline essential warranty information and answer some basic questions.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Van Metre home. We know this purchase was a big decision for you and your family, and we are honored you put your trust in Van Metre. We want your home purchase to be a smooth process and please know, we'll be here for you each step of the way.  

Understanding your warranty information is vital for informed homeownership. We want to explore essential warranty information and, hopefully, answer some basic questions. Your home comes with a ten-year limited structural warranty. We provide you with a document detailing the guidelines and procedures followed by Van Metre. We break down the ten-year warranty as such: year one is the one-year builder warranty; years two through ten is the limited structural warranty. This ten-year limited structural warranty includes the footings, your foundation and the actual framing of the house. Should you need to file a claim in years two through ten, the instructions are in the back of the booklet. Please note, there is no third party. Our warranty, ultimately, comes back to us. 

There are key Van Metre contact numbers to have handy. The type of emergency you have and the time of day it occurs determine whom to contact and if the issue can wait for a scheduled repair. 

  • For an emergency after hours, weekends, holidays, call (703) 348-5805 
  • For either an emergency or non-emergency item during regular business hours—Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM—you can call Customer Care at (703) 348-5806 or email customercare@vanmetrehomes.com 

Here's a list to help you better understand what defines an emergency:  

  • total stoppage of the plumbing 
  • a water leak requiring shutting off the water supply to the home 
  • the complete loss of heat 
  • total loss of electrical service (provided power outage is not due to storm or electrical company work)
  • the main water supply to the home is not functioning 

Here's a list of what is not considered an emergency: 

  • a dripping faucet 
  • a leaky sink or toilet 
  • one toilet stopped up when others correctly work 
  • furnace fan cycling 
  • lights out in certain parts of the house 
  • loss of hot water 
  • oven not working 
  • problems with range or cooktop 
  • pressure/temperature valves on water heater leaking 

There are also some items not included in your warranty: 

  • damage by the homeowner after settlement or during moving 
  • water-related damage, such as damage by heavy rain, hail, tornadoes, or windstorms 

We also want to stress that if you alter or have another contractor make repairs to your home within your warranty period, your Van Metre warranty will be null and void. 

Next, let's talk about Van Meter's services once you settle on your home. Your home has a one-year limited structural warranty. During this time, we offer our My Service customer care package. My Service allows you to schedule a warranty appointment for any non-emergency items you identified during your warranty period. To ensure we have corrected all of our warranted items, we will schedule an 11-month walkthrough and inspection of your home before the warranty expires. Van Metre will contact you to schedule this appointment.  

Let's explore how My Service works. As you get settled into your home, you might notice some small items and defects covered under the limited warranty need addressing. If this happens, we suggest you compile a list of these items on your warranty request form and then submit your form to the customer care department. You can access this form through our website, vanmetrehomes.com/customercare. We also include the form on the USB drive provided to you at the time of the contract. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to schedule a warranty appointment for your home. Please understand, your construction manager may request you save certain items for your 11-month walkthrough. Once you submit your request, we will typically schedule your appointment at least three days out. Any work requiring a contractor is scheduled in a four to eight-hour window, depending on the number of items. 

Finally, you will receive surveys post-settlement. Our Homeowner Surveys are about you, the homeowner, and your answers are essential to Van Metre. We are committed to building your dream home. To help us ensure that you are delighted with your home buying experience, an independent third-party company will invite you—both after settlement and about midway through your one-year warranty—to participate in a survey by mail or email. These surveys allow you to provide honest and timely feedback about our processes, products, and service. 

Most importantly, if you feel we have not provided you with top-notch service, please notify your Customer Care Ambassador immediately. We will make every effort to address and correct your concerns. At Van Metre, we value your feedback. After all, it is how we get better for both you and our future home buyers.