What are FAQs related to my warranty?

Understanding your warranty information is vital for informed homeownership. This article provides an overview of our Van Metre Limited Warranty and our Van Metre Limited Warranty for Condos.



Understanding your warranty information is vital for informed homeownership. In this article, we explore key warranty information and answer some basic questions. Your home comes with a 10-year limited structural warranty. This 10-year warranty is broken down as such: year 1 is the one-year builder warranty; years 2 through 10 is the limited structural warranty. This 10-year limited structural warranty includes the footings, your foundation, and the actual framing of the house. Should you need to file a claim through years 2 through 10, the instructions are in the back of the booklet. Please note, there is no third party. Our warranty, ultimately, comes back to us.

Important documents:

There are key Van Metre contact numbers to have handy. The type of emergency you have and the time of day it occurs determine both whom to contact and if the issue can wait for a scheduled repair.

  • For an emergency after hours, weekends, holidays, call (703) 348-5806. Examples of emergencies include:
    • Total stoppage of plumbing; a water leak requiring the water supply to the home be shut off
    • Complete loss of heat
    • Total loss of electrical service (provided power outage is not due to storm or electrical company work
    • The main water supply to the home is not functioning. 
  • For either an emergency or non-emergency item during normal business hours—Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM—contact customer care within the Support Center found in Van Metre Life.
    • A dripping faucet
    • a leak under the sink or toilets;
    • one toilet stopped up when other toilets are properly working;
    • furnace fan cycling;
    • lights out in certain parts of the house;
    • loss of hot water;
    • oven not working;
    • problems with range or cooktop;
    • pressure and temperature valve on water heater leaking. 

It is important to note the following:

  • There are also some items not included in your warranty such as damage by the homeowner after settlement and/or during moving, and water-related damage, such as damage by heavy rain, hail, tornadoes, or wind storms.
  • We also want to stress that if you alter or have another contractor make repairs to your home within your warranty period, your Van Metre warranty will be null and void.

Next, let's talk about the services that Van Metre provides to you once you settle on your home. Your home has a one-year limited structural warranty. During this time, we offer our My Service customer care package. This allows you to schedule a warranty appointment for any non-emergency items you identified during your warranty period. To make sure that we have corrected all of our warranted items, we will schedule an 11-month walk through and inspection of your home before the warranty expires. Van Metre will contact you to schedule this appointment. Let's explore how My Service works. As you get settled into your home, you might notice some small items and defects covered under the limited warranty need to be addressed. If this happens, we suggest that you compile a list of these items on your warranty request form and then submit your form to the customer care department. You can access that form through our website, vanmetrehomes.com/customercare. It is also included on the USB drive provided to you at the time of the contract. Once we receive your request, you will be contacted to schedule a warranty appointment for your home. Van Metre guarantees your home to be free from defects of materials and workmanship for one year. Please understand, your construction manager may request certain items be saved for your 11-month walkthrough. Once you submit your request, your appointment will typically be scheduled at least three days out. Any work that requires a contractor is scheduled in a four to eight-hour window depending on the number of items.


Appliances certainly add to the elegance of your kitchen. And while they are beautiful, we want to ensure that they maintain optimal performance. At settlement, Van Metre registers your appliance for its first year of warranty. One month after settlement, Van Metre recommends that you register for your second year warranty for all appliances. Do not wait until the second year. Your Customer Care Ambassador has provided you with the contact information to follow up.


Windows are certainly a beautiful focal point in your home and we want to make sure that they remain in good working order. Your windows should open and close with reasonable ease as designed. And we will take corrective action as necessary to meet the performance standard. You don't have to register your windows because Van Metre has taken care of that for you. You have a limited lifetime warranty, meaning there are certain parts and components covered if your window balances need the following: adjustment, repairs—such as your windows not latching properly, or replacement due to a major defect.


The purpose of your air conditioning or heating system, also known as HVAC, is to provide a healthy and comfortable living environment for you and your family. When it comes to your HVAC system, Van Metre covers your first year completely. The second year covers workmanship only, which means only if something was installed improperly or missing. It does not cover mechanical failure, refrigerant service, and labor costs. The manufacturer's warranty for your HVAC system covers the following parts for 10 years: the furnace, the outside unit HVAC, and the coils. We provide this information to you on or after settlement. Your manuals can be found next to your furnace in your mechanical room. After one year, Van Metre recommends you enter into a service agreement with area suppliers to help maintain your HVAC system for years to come. You can find more information by contacting the original contractor listed on the furnace and/or contacting a contractor of your choice.


To keep your new walls looking beautiful, freshly painted areas require some easy maintenance. Cleaning is vital to

preserving the overall beauty of paint and extending its lifespan. For best results, wait two weeks after initial application

before washing, and always test your cleaning solution and technique in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it does not

damage the paint film. Van Metre Homes provides a voucher for a paint touch up kit at time of settlement, which you pick

up at your convenience from the paint store. The kits should include one quart of flat wall and ceiling paint plus one quart

semi-gloss for painting trim. Because we know painting is at the top of your to-do list, Van Metre has also included a

discount card in your warranty packet to purchase new paint.


Cabinet warranties vary depending on the style and model you chose in your home. Regardless of what you chose, Van Metre covers installation defects during the one-year builder warranty. Your Design Centre selection sheets are your record of the brand, style, and color of the cabinets in your home. If you select wood or wood veneer cabinets, expect differences in grain and color between and within the cabinet components due to natural variations in wood and they absorb the stain. During your New Home Reveal, we confirm all cabinet parts are installed and the surfaces are in acceptable condition. Regarding cabinet alignment, the doors, drawer fronts, and handles should be level and even. All cabinetry should operate properly under normal use. Should your cabinets experience separation, Van Metre corrects gaps between cabinets and the ceilings or between cabinets and the walls by caulking or other means if the gap exceeds one-eighth of an inch. If doors or drawer fronts warp in excess of a one-quarter inch within 24 inches, Van Metre corrects with either adjustment or replacement. Your cabinets are extremely resistant to stains and surface damage that can be caused by common household items. But to protect the original factory finish:

  • wipe up spills immediately using a clean cloth and mild soaps, and then make sure you dry them completely;
  • dust your cabinets often using a soft, slightly-dampened lint-free cloth;
  • polish your cabinets every few months with high-quality non-oil-based furniture polish. 
  • extra cabinets can be purchased through a home improvement store. If you go to Home Depot, they will cross-reference the American and Woodmark brands. If you go to Lowe's, they will cross-reference the Shenandoah brand. The cabinets and stain colors are all the same. The company simply markets under a different brand for commercial and residential use.


Your carpet says a lot about you, your family, and your lifestyle. Whether it's formal or informal, selected for high traffic or low impact areas, we want to make sure that you love it each and every day. During your New Home Reveal, we confirm your carpet is in acceptable condition. We correct stains or spots noted at the time by cleaning, patching, or replacement. Van Metre Homes is not responsible for dye lot variations if replacements are made. Edges of carpet along mouldings and edges of stairs should be held firmly in place. In some areas, metal or other edging material may be used where the carpet meets another floor covering. Carpet seams are visible. Van Metre Homes repairs any gaps or fraying. Your Design Centre selection sheets provide a record of the brand, style, and color of the floor coverings in your home. Please keep them for future reference. The most important thing you can do for your carpet is to clean it often by vacuuming. Regular cleaning can add years to the life of your carpet as dirt particles wear down the fibres.


Sometimes caring for the outside of your home—such as concrete walkways, driveways, patios, porches, and steps— is often overlooked. But it shouldn't! Each area of your home should be given the same consideration. Most exposed concrete surface deterioration is caused by de-icing chemical solutions dripping from underneath cars parked in driveways after being on wet, salted streets. Here are some concrete tips. Do not use any de-icing salts on your concrete surfaces during the first winter you are in your home under any circumstances—use plain sand as a de-icer. Never use de-icers containing ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate. After the first winter, if you choose to use either sodium chloride or calcium chloride as a de-icer, periodically apply a concrete sealer for protection.


The community you live in determines where and how you get your mailbox keys. Brambleton residents, please stop in the community sales office after settlement—the sales manager will have your mailbox key. Condo owners in any of our communities will receive your key from the sales office where you purchased your home.


You have your new home, and, of course, you want to keep both it and your community beautiful. Here are the trash and recycling companies depending on which community you live in:

  • Need information

 No matter where your Van Metre home is, please cross-reference your settlement papers for the contact numbers.


Normally, 6 to 12 months after closing, your driveway gets resurfaced. However, the timing could change depending on the weather conditions. During the coldest winter months, the asphalt plant closes down. And as a result, only base coats can be completed. Townhomes, your topping or resurfacing may be completed sooner than one year. You might also notice your driveway has a one-inch gap where it meets the concrete. This gap gets filled when the driveway is topped. The contractor leaves this area open so they are able to get the roller in the driveway when it is time to top the driveway. If your driveway should develop a sinkhole or is in need of repair, prior to that final topcoat, please contact the customer care department for assistance.


Your lawn is beautiful and says a lot about you and your home. And we want to help you keep it green for years to come. Van Metre installs a starter landscape package for you, which includes the following: sodded yard, evergreen shrubs for year-round color, and mulch beds. Until a lot of plants are established, you will need to provide adequate watering and care. Van Metre provides a hose and timer so you can maintain your beautiful lawn properly after settlement. If you have questions or concerns about grading or drainage issues, please contact customer care. For more information on lawn care, please refer to our how-to videos on our website.


You probably already know what a hose bib is; it is the faucet located on the exterior of your home. There is one in the backyard and one in the garage. Please don't overlook its care. It is vital in the winter months to winterize your hose bibs. These are not warranted items. Please refer to our how-to videos on our website for more information on how to winterize your hose bibs. During extreme periods of cold weather, it is also helpful to open a door underneath sinks and vanities and leave a faucet dripping slightly. All garage doors have manual operation unless you have chosen to purchase a garage door opener through Van Metre Homes. It is important to remember installing garage door openers with a company other than the original contractor will void your warranty on the garage door. If you would like the original contractor to install your garage door opener, please contact customer care.


Winter temperatures in the Northeast can be unpredictable and storms occasionally wreak havoc on some of our best laid plans. Repairs schedules can definitely be impacted by the capricious nature of winter weather. If your 11-month list, or any other worklist, is during a winter month and we are unable to complete all of the repairs at that time due to weather, we issue a Weather Waiver and come back when repairs can be completed in a more consistent and temperate environment. That usually means you can expect delayed repairs to be made in April, May or June—after the threat of inclement weather or temperatures dipping below 40 degrees becomes minimized.


As the seasons' change, so do the needs of your home. Whether spring or winter, there are a number of recommended maintenance items that we suggest you do in and around your home. Van Metre is proud to offer you seasonal maintenance how-to videos that include recommended checklists to guide you through each season. You can find them on our website. 


Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, your countertops are the focal point of a room. We want to make sure that they look good for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. During your New Home Reveal, we confirm that all countertops are in acceptable condition. We repair any noticeable damage, such as chips and scratches, as noted on the orientation list. Please keep in mind, repair of surface damage caused during or after your move in is one of your home maintenance responsibilities. With manufactured marble, edges should be smooth and even. Where the backsplash joints occur at corners, the top edges should be even within one-sixteenth of an inch. Separation of countertops from walls and/or backsplash around sinks occur due to normal shrinkage of materials. Van Metre Homes will recaulk these areas one time during the first year. Any future caulking will be your responsibility.


During your New Home Reveal, we confirm all doors are in acceptable condition and correctly adjusted. Van Metre Homes repairs construction damage to doors noted on the orientation list. Doorknobs and locks should operate with little attention. Over time, they may need slight adjustments due to the normal shrinkage of framing. Occasionally, you might need to tighten screws.


While electrical problems can happen, many can be avoided with the right precautions. If you have an electrical problem in your Van Metre home, please take a look at this checklist before calling for service:

  • Smoke detectors— You should clean and vacuum the openings of your smoke detectors at least once a month. If your smoke detector sounds for no reason, vacuum the openings around the detector to see if that remedies the issue. Don't worry. Your smoke detectors will be equipped with a battery backup and will continue to operate in the event that your home is without power. And if you hear a chirping sound, then that means that your batteries need to be replaced. Batteries should be changed once a year. Perhaps pick one of the time changes to help you remember.
  • GFI outlets—These are found throughout your Van Metre home and are designed for your protection. Dampness, split cords, or defective equipment may cause a GFI to trip and that, in turn, will cut power to the receptacle. Please refer to our how-to videos to learn how to properly care for these outlets.
  • Light bulbs—Light bulbs are not guaranteed by the manufacturer or by the electrician and may last from one day to one year. This includes the light for the doorbell. 
  • Recycling fluorescent light bulbs—The EPA recommends you recycle your fluorescent light bulbs, known as CFLs, instead of just tossing them in the trash. Recycling CFLs prevents the release of mercury into the environment. And when you recycle them, other materials in those light bulbs actually get reused in other products. Many hardware supply stores and other retailers offer in-store recycling. Visit earth911.com to find stores in your area. Here are a few that participate: Ace True Value Hardware, Home Depot, IKEA, Lowe's, and Orchard Supply.
  • Light fixtures—Any light fixtures furnished by the electrician in your Van Metre home are guaranteed for one year. If you find an outlet where the top socket isn't working but the lower is, most likely that top socket is attached to a wall switch. Sometimes these are easy to recognize if the top socket is upside down and are commonly found in family rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms when no overhead lighting is installed. 
  • Ceiling fan pre-wires— If you have purchased a ceiling fan pre-wire, please note that the electrician is responsible for the prewiring that is necessary to operate the fan and light kit separately. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install the fixture for you. The electrician can show you how to operate it using the switches on the wall.


When it comes to protecting your home from termites and other pests, our goal at Van Metre is to give you peace of mind your home is protected.  We do this in two ways. First, we apply a borate wood pretreatment to the framing in your home. Second, we install a built-in pest control system called TAEXX, designed by HomeTeam Pest Defense. TAEXX is a system of small tubes installed throughout the walls of your home during construction, designed to target pests at the port of entry. This built-in system is used during and after construction. Van Metre Homes manages HomeTeam Pest Defense installing TAEXX and performing a pre-construction termite wood treatment to your home, which gives you one year of protection for termite control. The TAEXX system is an additional cost to the homeowner should you choose to continue to have HomeTeam treat your home after the first year. While your new home has been treated, you are still at risk. Here are some key facts you should know about the termite treatment for new construction. HomeTeam helps protect your new home with their borate wood pretreatment, including a $1 million warranty. The best way to protect the wooden structure of a new home from subterranean termites is to make sure that the wood is so distasteful that it will head elsewhere. Highly effective borate wood pretreatment from HomeTeam penetrates deep inside the lumber framework acting as both a termiticide and termite repellant. Another benefit of this built-in system, you will not need to be home for the service. Register your TAEXX and termite warranties by calling the number on your screen.


We know you love your new Van Metre home. But when you decide to leave on vacation, here are some tips to protect your home while you're away:

  • turn off the water to your house or unit;
  • set heating or AC between 65 and 75 degrees;
  • Control humidity levels year round to be between 30 and 50 percent. Make sure your dehumidifier can drain while you're away;
  • if you have an areaway, make sure the drain area remains clear;
  • check for positive drainage around the exterior of your home;
  • clean, test, and change batteries as needed in all smoke alarms;
  • arrange for a friend or neighbour to check on your home and water your lawn if you plan to be gone for an extended period of time.


Van Metre has chosen performance standard door frames by Endura. Endura frames are designed to stand the test of time and elements; they feature a lifetime warranty against rot or insect damage. Here's Endura's promise to you: your doors will not rot, decay, or suffer fungal damage resulting from water absorption through the bottom of the frame. The warranty is transferable to subsequent owners. If needed, Endura will replace door frames, which include labor, installation, freight, and taxes. It will require proof of purchase and a photo of defective products.


Finally, you will receive surveys post settlement. Our Homeowner Surveys are about you, the homeowner, and your answers are very important to Van Metre. We are committed to building your dream home. To help us ensure that you are delighted with your home buying experience, an independent 3rd party company will invite you—both after settlement and about midway through your one-year warranty—to participate in a survey by mail or email. This gives you the opportunity to provide honest and timely feedback about our processes, products, and service. Most importantly, if you feel you have not been provided with top-notch service, please immediately notify your Customer Care Ambassador. We will make every effort to address and correct your concerns. We, at Van Metre, value your feedback. After all, it is how we get better for both you and our future home buyers.