What warranty comes with my cabinets?



Cabinet warranties vary depending on the style and model you chose in your home. Regardless of what you chose, Van Metre covers installation defects during the one-year builder warranty. Your Design Centre selection sheets are your record of the brand, style, and color of the cabinets in your home. If you select wood or wood veneer cabinets, expect differences in grain and color between and within the cabinet components due to natural variations in wood and they absorb the stain. 

During your New Home Reveal, we confirm all cabinet parts are installed and the surfaces are in acceptable condition. Regarding cabinet alignment, the doors, drawer fronts, and handles should be level and even. All cabinetry should operate properly under normal use. Should your cabinets experience separation, Van Metre corrects gaps between cabinets and the ceilings or between cabinets and the walls by caulking or other means if the gap exceeds one-eighth of an inch. If doors or drawer fronts warp in excess of a one-quarter inch within 24 inches, Van Metre corrects with either adjustment or replacement. 

Your cabinets are extremely resistant to stains and surface damage that can be caused by common household items. But to protect the original factory finish:

  • Wipe up spills immediately using a clean cloth and mild soaps, and then make sure you dry them completely.
  • Dust your cabinets often using a soft, slightly-dampened lint-free cloth.
  • Polish your cabinets every few months with high-quality non-oil-based furniture polish. 
  • Extra cabinets can be purchased through a home improvement store. If you go to Home Depot, they will cross-reference the American and Woodmark brands. If you go to Lowe's, they will cross-reference the Shenandoah brand. The cabinets and stain colors are all the same. The company simply markets under a different brand for commercial and residential use.