What are tips for removing snow and ice during or after a winter storm?

Snow…depending on your viewpoint, is either the best or worst part of winter. Regardless of how you feel, at some point snow and ice removal are unavoidable. Follow these quick and easy tips below to make your life easier.

Consider the impact of ice melt

For your front lead walk, do not use bag salt to melt ice. Even "safe" chemical deicers can harm concrete and be dangerous to your beloved animals and plants. Sand or kitty litter work just as well at providing traction WITHOUT any negative side effects. If you decide to use kitty litter, be sure to use the natural, non-clumping type. And with either substance, remember to remove your boots before walking on any hardwood floors in your home.


Shovel flat roofs

If you have an easily accessible flat roof, such as a rooftop terrace, remember to remove the snow from that surface. But be careful! Consider using a broom in this circumstance so you don’t damage the roof’s protective membrane.


Be careful where you place shoveled snow

Always consider where you place shoveled snow. Whether removing snow from the roof, a deck or driveway NEVER pile snow against the foundation of your home. Doing this can lead to all sorts of unforeseen damage.


Know who to contact

Keep your Homeowner’s Association contact handy in case you have questions about snow removal in your community.


Be safe

Shoveling is hard work. Follow these tips:

  • Bend your knees and lift with your legs
  • Keep the blade close to you as you lift the snow
  • Switch between left-handed and right-handed shoveling to avoid overstraining one side of your body
  • Alternate between overhand and underhand grips
  • If snowfall is heavy, don’t try to clear the entire depth at once—only do half at a time