What is included in my warranty for countertops?



Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, your countertops are the focal point of a room. We want to make sure that they look good for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. During your New Home Reveal, we confirm all countertops are in acceptable condition. We repair any noticeable damage, such as chips and scratches, as noted on the orientation list. Please keep in mind, repair of surface damage caused during or after your move in is one of your home maintenance responsibilities. A few things to know:

  1. Laminated Countertops: Laminated countertops will have one or more discernible seams. Van Meter homes will repair gaps or differential at the seams that exceed one-sixteenth of an inch. 
  2. Manufactured marble: The edges should be smooth and even. Where the backsplash joints occur at corners, the top edges should be even within one-sixteenth of an inch.
  3. Separation from the wall: Separation of countertops from walls and/or backsplash around sinks occurs due to normal shrinkage of materials. Van Metre Homes will recaulk these areas one time during the first year. Any future caulking will be your responsibility.