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How should I seal my grout?



If you have tile in your new home, you should definitely make time to seal the grout. Completing this task will prevent future staining, resist mildew, and make cleaning easier. Van Metre suggests applying the product in an inconspicuous spot prior to starting; if changes to the tile occur, try a different product. 

There are different applications you can use. There are spray sealers that can be used over the entire surface. There is also powder mixes only applied to the grout surface. Follow the manufacturer's directions and specifications exactly. 

Here are some tips.

  • Make sure you clean the grout and dry it completely before applying the sealant. 
  • Make sure the grout lines aren't cracked or chipped. 
  • If they are damaged, touch up the grout first and then seal. 
  • Apply the sealer with a foam paintbrush, paint pad, or small roller. 
  • Apply the sealant twice. 
  • Follow the wait time instructed by the product.
  • Double check your work. 

An effective sealant will cause the water to puddle on top of the grout. Repeat every six months to one year, depending on the product.