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How should I maintain my countertops after I move in?



Whether you have granite countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, it is very important to take time to seal them once you move into your new home. These granite countertops are polished and sealed at the factory. That's what gives them their nice shine. That being said, they are not impenetrable. But sealing the granite will make a big impact, helping prevent staining and discolouration. Various factors can alter the sheen, colour, and pattern of granite. Heat is a common example. If you continually place a source of heat in one consistent area, the sheen and colour of the granite in that area may potentially change.

Before starting the sealing process, first test the product in an inconspicuous area. Once you are ready to start, follow the product instructions very carefully. Each product may have a different method of application. Most require you to wet the surface evenly. But make sure to not oversaturate the surface—apply a nice even layer. Some sealers require instantly wiping it off; others require letting it dry for a period of time. Exactly follow the instructions provided, as there are many different sealers out there. After your final application, be prepared to wait at least six hours before using your countertops again. 

Properly sealing your granite countertops is well worth the effort. It potentially prevents multiple sources of damage to your countertops, such as oil and wine stains. The most significant thing you can do to keep your countertop looking beautiful is to be aware of what you place ON the countertop. Don't let oil or any cooking ingredients sit on and saturate the surface of the granite. Keep it wiped up, clean and dry. These few simple steps will maintain your granite countertops’ original sheen, look, and beauty for years to come.