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How do I light the pilot light?



If you turn on your shower or run water in your sink and there’s no hot water, odds are the pilot light has gone out in your water heater. Relighting the pilot light is relatively simple.

If you have no hot water, check your hot water heater. You may notice that the indicator light—which is a green light that flashes every 30 seconds when operating properly—is not lighting up. Turn the dial on your hot water heater to the pilot setting. The pilot setting can be found in the lower portion of the dial. Then you press the button and you will be able to push in the dial. You should have about an eighth of an inch of play in there. You hold the dial in, and below it, you will find a striker. While holding the dial, continue to click the striker. Repeat this process until you hear a click. Continue holding that button until the green light starts to flash again. Then release the pilot button. Finally, turn the dial to the original temperature setting. 

Please note, temperature settings vary between low, hot, and very hot. Minimal changes make a drastic change in the water temperature. Hot is the typical factory setting we leave the hot water heater on. We recommend starting on hot. If adjusting the temperature, allow your water about an hour to reach its maximum temperature. 

If, for whatever reason, you cannot get the pilot to relight and the green indicator light will not come back on and/or flash, call Van Metre if you're within your warranty period for assistance.  If not within your warranty period, contact a plumber for service. Detailed instructions can be found on a label on your water heater.