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How do I change my air filter?



When it comes to air conditioners, proper air filter maintenance is critical to energy efficiency. We want to explain how to change the air filter for your HVAC system. In addition to energy efficiency, other benefits of changing your air filter include:

  • Cleaning the air
  • Verifying the air in your house
  • Filtering out dust particles
  • Prolong the life of the system
  • Saving you money

All Van Metre homes come with a Goodman brand HVAC. The manufacturer recommends a lower end filter; basically, an inexpensive version with accordion-style mesh overlay. Hypo-allergenic and high-level filters clog very quickly, especially if you forget to change them frequently. They can cause the air handler to labor unnecessarily hard and cause harm to the HVAC system.

To get started, simply locate the filter door connected to the air handler. If the furnace is running, it may be a little bit tougher to change but you can still do it. Be careful to not bend the filter when inserting the filter. Remember, airflow is important. The duct line running into the air handler is where air flows through the filter, into the air handler. That is the direction to put your airflow marker.

New homeowners should change their filters every month due to construction dust. After construction in your area stops, shift to a quarterly schedule. A good indicator of when the filter needs to be changed is when the color changes; this indicates there are dust and particles trapped in the filter. 

It is definitely worth being proactive regarding this simple task. A lot can get trapped in your air filter, including bacteria, mold, mildew, odors, and allergens—all of which blow right through your system and home. So go ahead. Don't waste time. Start protecting your system, your home, and your family today.