Do my carpets come with a warranty?



Your carpet says a lot about you, your family, and your lifestyle. Whether formal or informal, selected for high traffic or low impact areas, we want to make sure that you love it each and every day. During your New Home Reveal, we confirm your carpet is in acceptable condition. We correct stains or spots noted at the time by cleaning, patching, or replacing. Van Metre Homes is not responsible for dye lot variations if replacements are made. Edges of carpet along mouldings and edges of stairs should be held firmly in place. In some areas, metal or other edging material may be used where the carpet meets a different type of floor covering. Carpet seams are typically visible. Van Metre Homes repairs any gaps or fraying. Your Design Centre selection sheets provide a record of the brand, style, and color of the floor coverings in your home. Please keep them for future reference. The most important thing you can do for your carpet is to clean it often by vacuuming: regular vacuuming can add years to the life of your carpet as dirt particles wear down the fibers.